New additions to the site

Date Program Description
2009/10/05 EuroConvertor 1.2.2 Updated the URL for auto updates.
2007/02/24 WorldClock 3.1.24 Fixes the "Runtime error 13: Type error" problem on startup.
2006/05/25 DirPrint 4.1.13 Fixed a crash when trying to print from an empty CD drive.
2004/09/04 EuroConvertor Added "minimize to tray" and "update rates on startup" options.
2004/09/04 DirPrint 4.0 New installer for DirPrint, to better handle multi-user environments.
2003/03/22 DirPrint 4.0 Output to XML added.
2000/11/05 DirPrint 4.0 Greek language file added.
2000/01/05 EuroConvertor 1.1 Version 1.1 : Auto-Update the conversion rates via the Internet.
2000/01/05 Send2Folder Version 2.1b : Now with 'Create Link' and an option to make a new directory.
1999/10/16 DirPrint 4.0 You can now print the list returned by Windows' Find, and work in more languages.
1999/09/21 Add2Bookmarks Same as Add2Favorites, but for Netscape Navigator.
1999/07/28 Energy New program : view your battery status in the traybar.
1999/06/20 Add2Favorites New program : create new Internet Explorer bookmarks in no time
1999/06/06 WorldClock Version 2.0b : beta-version of WorldClock 2.0