Q: I get the error message 'A required DLL file, MSVBVM50.DLL, was not found'.
A: Since most of my programs are written in Visual Basic, you need the VB5 Runtime Library to run them. You can download this file here.
Q: I get the error message 'Component COMCTL32.OCX not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid'.
A: You have a version of the VB5 Runtime Library which is incomplete. Try downloading it again here.
Q: I get the error message 'Run-time error 50003: Unexpected error'.
A: You have an outdated comctl32.ocx-file. If the program you get this error in is DirPrint 4.0, download the DirPrint DLLs again, for other programs download this file.
Q: How can I uninstall a program ?
A: Most of my programs provide an automatic uninstall routine. To start it, open the Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs. Then choose the program you wish to uninstall from the list and press the Add/Remove button.